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Crowdfunding has been happening everywhere. Some people donate for the cause, while others invest for greater rewards. For the collection of capital, the organizer needs a secured platform to ensure the safety of transactions. Crowdfunding apps or website platforms are solutions that enable people to gain funding for their companies or ideas, allowing them to quickly launch their ideas and go forward with their business. People with good ideas can receive funding through crowdfunding platform.

Foomotion is a mid-sized software development agency that specializes in the design and development of custom crowdfunding websites and mobile apps. Many companies, NGOs, social services, entrepreneurs, startups, and donation foundations need their own crowdfunding platforms Foomotion can help with the design and development of crowdfunding app and web based platform. If you want to hire an agency that can build safe platform for crowdfunding process, you can rely on us. Our team of specialists developed highly secure platforms as per your needs.

Essentially, a crowdfunding platform solution is made up of these basic features. Let's take a closer look:


Crowdfunding platforms allow campaign creation to users by staring a campaign and providing information like the project title, description, location, category, timeframe, pictures, and videos; User may launch a campaign through user profile and administration will verify the information to prevent fraud and spam. In crowdfunding platform no one can edit data once the campaign is published in order to prevent cheating with rules and regulations.


In crowdfunding platform fundraisers make their profile once they register through email verification or social media profile verifications. Crowdfunding platform keeps track of all critical elements, including basic information, payment information, a list of fundraising campaigns, correspondence with admins/backers.


Crowdfunding platforms are distinguished by their payment systems. Projects that meet their financial goals are compensated under an all-or-nothing payment manner. Money is gathered promptly via partial payment methods, and projects receive funding even if their financial goals are not attained.


A dashboard displays the current funding balance, funding sources, pledge amount, and reward approval, as well as other statistics and progress. These indicators assist fundraisers in better understanding how they are doing.

Search Listing

Backers can easily find initiatives that are a good fit for them through search option. All listings that match particular criteria will be returned in the search results. Every listing will allow investors to learn more about a campaign (project description, funds necessary and raised, monetary amount, owner information, remaining days, total number of awards, and backers).

Backers Verification

By validating backers, crowdfunding platform protects fundraisers from fraudulent actions. Backers can choose from a number of contribution alternatives if they want to support any project. Backers can support the project with a variety of investment options.

Payment Gateway

The money flows to the platform bank account when backers opt to invest in a creator or company. After the targets are met, fundraisers submit a claim for money. Payment gateway will be integrated with website to accept and payments.

Partners Management

In crowdfunding platform admins have the ability to approve and reject campaigns as needed. From the backend, they can make changes to the website's content. The website allows users to track transactions (fees, subscription costs, and investor contributions) that pass through it.

What kind of crowdfunding platforms Foomotion team develops?

Foomotion as a leading crowdfunding platform development company can create several different types of crowdfunding platforms. However, the most common ones are:

Reward Crowdfunding Platform

Individuals who donate to a project or business with the anticipation of obtaining a non-monetary benefit, such as goods or services at a later time, are known as rewards-based crowdfunding. Foomotion team can create a fundraising platform for you that go hand in hand with tech and offer an easy experience to platform users.

Donation Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is a means of gathering funds for a project by accumulating small sums of money from a large number of people. Donation-based crowdfunding is one of the most frequent types of crowdfunding, in which donors help generate funds for a social or charitable cause. Contributors may not be donating to a nonprofit organization in this scenario, but rather to a specific purpose, such as helping to pay for someone's medical bills who cannot afford them.

Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Early-stage firms use equity crowdfunding as a means of raising funds. In essence, equity crowdfunding involves selling a company's stock to a group of potential investors in exchange for money. Using innovative design, robust security and advanced features, our crowdfunding platform development team can create an utterly worth-it crowdfunding platform as per client requirement.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Investors can get direct access to individual residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities through the real estate crowdfunding platforms. For real estate companies, our crowdfunding software development team can create unique crowdfunding platforms with multiple features, such as management, advance analytics, and communication features.

Debt Software

There are many companies offering debts to people. Our experts can build reliable software for you to carry out processes such as tracking debts, loans, and other debentures. We can also add interest management, automated transactions, ledger maintenance, cash flow, and investors’ records in such software application.

P2P Lending Platform

Individuals can acquire loans directly from other individuals through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, bypassing the financial institution as a middleman. Our crowd funding platform software development experts can build reliable P2P lending software platform.

Foomotion: CrowdFunding Platform Development Company

Foomotion is a prominent crowdfunding app and crowdfunding website development agency with the ability to create innovative digital platforms with interactive design. We think beyond the box. We create the best crowdfunding platforms to meet the needs of our clients. Our method of documenting project requirements and a style guide in an organized manner has praised by our clients. Our team of engineers and designers will collaborate directly with you, take full responsibility of your project, and execute it on schedule.

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